This service allows you to temporarily use a device for a duration of 7 or 14 days, at a cost corresponding to the selected duration – 15 MDL or 30 MDL.
Rental will enable you to use the device to see how the HeatControl™ system works and evaluate the device’s features.

Only adult smokers are eligible for the IQOS rental service (only adults aged 18 years or older).
To use the IQOS rental service you have to access,, or,
1. Go to an official IQOS store in Malldova, Atrium or Sun City to sign the contract. You must have an ID, be an adult smoker resident in RM (temporarily or permanently), and not have a prior rental contract.
2. Sign the contract.
3. Have an account created for you on the spot and receive the device.
4. Follow the device’s use guidelines.
IQOS rental is only possible once per person. If you have rented the device for 7 days you can extend the rental period by another 7 days, but you cannot exceed 14 days.
The IQOS device rental service is available for the IQOS 3 DUO, IQOS 2.4 Plus, IQOS 3.0. models.
Depending on the selected device rental duration, you will pay 15 MDL for 7 days, or 30 MDL for 14 days.
Access it online on,,, or visit Petrom, Now Oil or the official stores in Malldova, Atrium, Sun City to sign the IQOS rental contract.
The rental service is provided exclusively to the person with whom the rental contract is signed, and cannot be transferred to third parties.
The IQOS rental service includes the following set:
1 IQOS 3.0 portable charger
1 IQOS 3.0 holder
Charging adaptor
USB-C charging cable
IQOS cleaning device.
HEETS are not included in the IQOS rental set, but you can choose and buy HEETS from the range available in the store. IQOS was designed to work with HEETS, and does not support combination with other tobacco products.
Having signed the contract you will be contacted by a personal expert who will guide you throughout the rental period, provide useful recommendations on proper device use, and offer solutions to any issues that may come up.
You are free to travel with your rented device; however, we recommend you make sure there are no restrictions on IQOS use in the country you are travelling to. Upon your return, don’t forget to return the device when the rental expires.
Each device is covered by the Care Plus program, therefore, if the device breaks down during rental call 0 8000 2400 free of charge, or visit one of the official IQOS stores in Malldova, Sun City or Atrium, or you may contact the personal consultant, if you have contracted the service through one.
If IQOS breaks down for reasons beyond your control, the company will fix the fault or replace the faulty component.
You are also entitled to return the IQOS device before expiry of the rental duration by signing a handover document within an official store or with the personal consultant.
In this case, the amount for the unused rental duration shall not be refunded.
Please do not apply to other service points, except official IQOS centers.
If you keep the device longer than the duration stipulated in the contract, you will have to pay a penalty of 50% of the rental cost for each day of delay.
The IQOS device must be returned to the store where you contracted the service or to the personal consultant if you contracted the service through one.
Upon expiry of the rental period, you may choose and buy a new device from the models available in the store. The rented device is provided as part of the rental service only.