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Your first steps with lil SOLID Ez

Learn everything about your start with lil SOLID Ez: How to use, charge and clean your device properly, as well as tips and tricks for the best possible tobacco experience.

Smart Service

Professional maintenance for your lil SOLID Ez


All your lil SOLID Ez questions answered.

First steps

Learn how to use, clean, and charge your IQOS, and find quick tips.

Troubleshooting your IQOS device

Sometimes a quick fix is all it takes, let us help you troubleshoot your IQOS device.

IQOS warranty

With the purchase of an IQOS device, the commercial warranty is activated, which is valid for 12 months and covers technical and production defects.

Smart service: Personal assistance in using your IQOS device.

The Smart Service program is available for free at any Q Heated Tobacco Shop in Chisinau.

Smart Change Service

If your IQOS device warranty has expired or is about to expire, your device may be recycled.

International assistance

If you are on a holiday or travelling for work in a country where IQOS is available and your device is damaged, let us know and we'll help you find a solution.

Firmware Upgrade

We’re always improving the technology that goes into your device. To make sure you continue to get the most of the experience upate your device to the latest firmware.

Accidental Damage Coverage

If you accidentally damage your IQOS device, we’ll replace it for free* so you can continue enjoying your IQOS moments with one less thing to worry about.

Rapid Replacement

If you are entitled for a replacement, with our rapid replacement service you won't have to wait too long or even leave your home.

Have a question? Find the answer in the FAQ section.

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