Discover Heated Tobacco technology

How it works?

IQOS HeatControl™ technology has been developed and patented specifically to monitor and control the temperature of the IQOS heating element. The heating element is made of ceramic and contains platinum, gold and silver. With the help of IQOS HeatControl ™ technology, tobacco sticks are heated to the optimum temperature.
Device specifications
What does an IQOS device consist of and how does it work?

The tobacco is heated through an electronically controlled heating blade.

The heating blade heats the tobacco up to an optimal temperature, ensuring a constant device temperature, and preventing burning.

IQOS was created to heat specially designed tobacco sticks, hence HEETS were produced for this purpose.

IQOS heats tobacco enough to release nicotine without burning it.

The IQOS tobacco heating system consists of a holder and a pocket charger.

The holder heats the tobacco stick through the heating blade for up to 6 minutes or 14 puffs. Following each use, the holder must be inserted into the pocket charger for recharging.

Range of heated tobacco devices

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