Terms and Conditions of IQOS Rental Program

1. Application of conditions/ Eligibility

1.1 These terms and conditions ("Terms") apply to and cover your participation in the "IQOS Device Rental" program ("Rental"), whereby you may rent the IQOS 2.4+ or IQOS 3 Duo tobacco heating system for a fee.

Rental  – A fee-based service whereby a tobacco heating device (IQOS) can be rented to the tenant for a specified period of time.

Heating Tobacco device  – An electronic tobacco heating system (consisting of the following components: Pocket charger, Holder, cleaning tool, power adapter, USB cable).

Renter  – the holder of a rental agreement that meets certain eligibility criteria (paragraph 1.2).

IQOS rental agreement  – agreement between the authorised person and the consumer for the temporary possession of IQOS devices.

Parties  – the entities listed in the current Terms and Conditions as well as at the time of drawing up the Rental Agreement, in the person of the "Renter" and the organiser of this programme (hereinafter referred to as "PMI").

1.2 You are eligible to participate in the "Rental" program if: (i) you are an adult smoker (18+) or a user of products containing tobacco; (ii) you are a resident of the Republic of Moldova; (iii) you have not previously participated in the "Rental" program.

1.3 By participating in "Rental" program, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree or cannot comply with these Terms, then you are not eligible to participate in the "Rental" program.

1.4 These Terms and Conditions may be amended only at the initiative of PMI, with appropriate notification. If you do not agree to or cannot comply with these changes, then you are not eligible to participate in the "Rental" program.

1.5 Violation of these Terms and Conditions may result in the cancellation by the organiser of your participation in this programme. If PMI finds any irregularities or attempts at fraud, etc., it is at the discretion of the organiser to cancel your right to participate in the "Rental" programme.

1.6 We reserve the right to carry out checks to identify any possible fraud resulting in persons improperly accessing the terms and conditions of this program or applicable law, or to identify instances of providing false/incorrect data to restrict access to minors or misappropriation of third party identification data. Following such checks, we reserve the right to block access to the "Rent" program if we detect such fraudulent activities and to take any other measures that may be necessary to correct the situation and ensure fair and equitable treatment.

2. Conditions for the "Rental" programme

2.1 To participate in the "Rental" program, you must contact IQOS Customer Support, or visit one of the IQOS stores ("Q Heated Tobacco Shops").

2.2 Participation in the "Rental" program depends on the availability of the desired and available IQOS device.

2.3 The parties agree on a fixed term for the rental period which is: 7 days at a price of 15 lei or 14 days at a price of 30 lei. Payment shall be made in advance before the IQOS device is handed over. The period and the price are indicated in the contract.

2.4 At the time of rental of the device, the technical condition of the components is checked and noted in Annex 1 of the contract. On return, their condition must match (reasonable technical wear being accepted) and be noted in Annex 2.

2.5 In the event of IQOS malfunction or reasons beyond the control of the rental, PMI is obliged to remove the issue or reimburse the cost of the "Rental" service provided stipulated in the contract.

2.6 In case of theft of the IQOS the Renter is obliged to inform PMI on the same day. After reporting the theft to PMI, the Renter is obliged to write and file the theft report with the police on the same day, presenting a mandatory copy of such report.

2.7 In cases of loss of the IQOS and in the absence of the Tenant going to the police, the Tenant is obliged to reimburse PMI for the cost of the tobacco heater specified in the contract.

3. Miscellaneous arrangements

3.1 The “IQOS rental” agreement can only be drawn up in the person of the Renter (the person present at the time the agreement is drawn up).

3.2 The Renter shall not be entitled to sublet the IQOS, assign the lease or give the IQOS to third parties free of charge.

3.3 The Renter may rent a device only once, because after temporary use of the IQOS, the Renter will be able to make a reasonable decision as to the subsequent need to purchase or discontinue similar products usage. Accordingly, the mere fact of rental of the tobacco heating devices is the basis for a subsequent refusal by PMI to offer this service one more time for the same person.

3.4 Details of the processing of your personal data that you provide to us are described in our   Data Privacy Notice.