lil Care

Terms and Conditions for participating in the lil Care program.

Last updated: November, 2021

1. Application of Terms/Eligibility
1.1 These terms and conditions (Terms) are applicable to and govern your participation in the lil Care program (Lil Care). You should read these Terms carefully as they provide details regarding this service (and do not impair your legal rights) and govern your relationship with Philip Morris Sales & Marketing LTD (Philip Morris).
1.2 You are only eligible for membership of lil Care if: you are an adult smoker or lil user aged 18 years and over and you are registered in our IQOS database; and your lil device was purchased in Republic of Moldova.
1.3 In order to benefit of lil Care you must have an eligible device as described in paragraph 2.1 (Device) registered in our database, such as but not limited to: either at, by calling customer service center, by email, at an IQOS Coach or at a Q Heated Tobacco Shop store or by default by those updated Terms and Conditions.
1.4 By signing up for lil Care, these settlements become mandatory for the parties. Likewise, if you register another Device, or if we change these Terms, and you then use lil Care, you agree to be bound by these Terms. Your acceptance to comply with these terms shall be done and applied only in the Republic of Moldova.
1.5 If you do not agree (or cannot comply) with these Terms, then you are not permitted to use lil Care.
1.6 No modification of these Terms by you is permitted unless Philip Morris expressly agrees in writing.
1.7 lil Care is an additional service offered by Philip Morris to eligible users, and we, under these regulations, reserving the right to refuse this service provision for any reason including if you breach any of these Terms.
1.8 We also reserve the right to amend these Terms and lil Care upon notice at any time, if there is a grounded reason to do so. If you do not agree to any such amendments, you may terminate your membership of lil Care.

2. Eligible Devices/Registration
2.1 Only the lil device is eligible for registration in lil Care.
2.2 The Device must have a readable and valid serial number.

3. Membership/Termination
3.1 From the moment you purchase a lil device, you have a default subscription to lil Care, following proper notification of this fact. The program will be valid for the remainder of the voluntary warranty period received at the time of purchase. 3.2 You may terminate your membership of lil Care at any time with immediate effect by notifying Philip Morris by email at or by calling IQOS Customer Care center at 0 8000 24 00 or by addressing your inquiry in any of the Q Heated Tobacco Shop stores. Upon termination of your membership, you are no longer entitled to receive the Services for any of your Devices.
3.2 Philip Morris may terminate your membership with lil Care at any time with immediate effect if you breach these Terms. Philip Morris may also terminate your membership for any reason upon 30 days’ notice.
3.3 Membership of lil Care entitles you to the services described in paragraphs 4 and 5 (Services).

4. Rapid Replacement
4.1 If your lil device has a software malfunction and the warranty is still active, the lil Care service facilitates the replacement of the faulty component/device with a new one immediately after diagnosis and, if the error is confirmed, within 5 days.

4.2 If the lil Device suffers accidental damage or it becomes unfunctional due to customer’s fault, the lil Care does not offer the possibility to replace the faulty component/device with a new one.

The following are excluded from replacement of lil Device issues defined in terms of material or workmanship when used in accordance with the lil User Guide the service:
- Damage caused by normal wear and tear;
- Cosmetic damage (such as scratches, dents, broken plastic etc.);
- Damage caused by misuse, power surge, improper handling, liquid contact or fire;
- Malfunction due to use with non-compatible product;
- Damage or malfunction caused by attempt to open, modify and repair, either by a user or by a service provider not accredited by the manufacturer; or
- Damage or malfunction caused by failure to use as described in the associated lil User Guide.
4.3 In case of the lil Device is eligible for replacement, you must give the damaged Device (including all components) or it’s components (Cover of stick insertion part, styler deco, USB cable, AC adapter) to Philip Morris. If only part of the Device is damaged e.g. the cover of stick insertion part, styler deco, USB cable, AC adapter, then only the damaged part will be replaced and Philip Morris will only keep the replaced part of the Device.
4.4. For a submission of a request to replace a lil Device or its components (cover of stick insertion part, styler deco, USB cable and AC adapter) based on a possible software malfunction:

(a) you must:
- Report your claim to Philip Morris by email at or by addressing your inquiry in any of the participating stores as soon as possible and no later than 14 days from the date your Device suffers Accidental Damage, including the following information: (1) Name, Surname, Date and Year of birth, Telephone Number and the serial number for the affected Device; (2) description of the symptoms, problems with or causes of the damage to the Device; (3) error messages; and (4) actions taken before the Device experienced problems and any steps you took to resolve the problem;
- If requested by Philip Morris, you must provide proof of purchase for your Device; and
- Otherwise comply with Philip Morris’s return Devices authorization process.
(b) You may also make a claim via customer service center by telephoning at 0 8000 24 00 and providing the same information detailed in paragraph 4.4(a).
(c) Do not return to Philip Morris devices and/or components thereof that are not eligible for replacement under the lil device damage provision, that are related to materials or workmanship, even if the device has been used in accordance with the lil User Guide. If you return these items to Philip Morris, they will not be returned but will be destroyed. (d) Philip Morris will determine whether you are entitled to a replacement Device or it’s components in accordance with these Terms. If you are entitled to a replacement Device or it’s components (cover of stick insertion part, styler deco, USB cable and AC adapter) this will be provided to you by the following way:
(i) Carry-in service. You can return your affected lil Device or it’s components to a Q Heated Tobacco Shop and other you will be provided with a replacement.

5. Informational and channel support

This service provides for troubleshooting assistance by experienced IQOS/lil agents and, if necessary, replacement of the defective device in accordance with the situations described above that relate to the Commercial Warranty, regarding software related problems if the device was used in accordance with the lil User Guide.

6. Your Obligations.
You agree:
(a) not to misuse the lil Care program and the Services;
(b) to keep your membership account safe and secure;
(c) where an exchange takes place, then any replacement Device becomes your property, and the replaced Device becomes the property of the entity which makes the exchange; and
(d) to comply with applicable law.

7. Warranty/Limitation of Liability
7.1 As your membership of lil Care is free of charge, it is provided ‘As Is’ and without any warranty.
7.2 Philip Morris shall not be liable to the maximum extent permitted under applicable law whether in tort (including for negligence or breach of statutory duty), contract, misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise for any direct losses, loss of profits, sales, revenues or savings, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and/or similar losses or loss or corruption of data or information, or pure economic loss, or for any special, indirect or consequential loss, costs, damages, charges or expenses however arising or otherwise resulting from your membership of lil Care or your use of the Services. Philip Morris shall not be liable for any of the losses described in this paragraph 7.2 even if you have informed Philip Morris of the possibility of such losses.
7.3 Nothing in this paragraph 7 excludes any liability that cannot be excluded by applicable law.
7.4 Device components replacement (cover of stick insertion part, styler deco, USB cable and AC adapter), do not extend device warranty period, but keep the possibility to replace damaged device once, during active warranty period.

8. Miscellaneous
8.1 Lil Care is not an insurance policy.
8.2 Lil Care is currently provided free of charge.
8.3 The terms and conditions of the protection of personal data provided by Philip Morris applied in relation to personal data concerning you will be carried out in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS REGARDING THE PROTECTION OF PERSONAL DATA AND E-COMMERCE.
8.4 These Terms are subject to the laws of the registered office of Philip Morris. Any legal dispute will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the city in which Philip Morris has its registered office.
8.5 For questions, inquiries and contact information please refer to or to email address