A comprehensive professional IQOS device maintenance service carried out in-store. Every check-up is carried out to help you to keep the IQOS device in optimal condition for longer and to ensure a satisfying IQOS experience.
The service is available to all adult IQOS™ 3 DUO users
It takes maximal 30 minutes to perform the full Complete service.
No, the service is free of charge
You can use the service as often as you would like to. For optimal device performance we recommend to use this service every 3 (three) to 6 (six) months
You don’t need to book an appointment. Just bring your device to an IQOS store, and our experts will perform the service for you.
By regularly cleaning and caring for your IQOS™ you can have an optimal experience. With tips on how to clean an IQOS™ device properly, professional cleaning services and software updates available in-store, the IQOS™ team is working together with you to help get the most out of existing IQOS™ devices and all free of charge.
It depends on what happened to your device. If the issue can be fixed with a software update, then we'll try.
If cap on your IQOS holder is damaged you should change it immediately. For optimal care and experience you should clean your cap every time you are cleaning the holder by using the cleaning sticks after every pack of tobacco sticks. Also the cap can be professionally cleaned in face to face touch-points. If you notice the quality of your IQOS experience has changed and cleaning is not helping to experience the taste you like, then it may be time to consider changing your cap. Otherwise, it is your personal choice how you wish to personalize your IQOS device with a new cap. There are currently 12 cap colors to choose from including three new colors: Lilac, Sunflower and Indigo.
Regular cleaning and maintaining your IQOS™ 3 DUO device will keep it in optimal condition for longer. Smart service is a professional complementary service to your regular device care to ensure you have the best possible IQOS experience. And when you are satisfied with your IQOS there is no need to change your IQOS device. This means you're also playing a role in reducing electronic waste.
RTD (Resistance to draw) machine test* : Test for device capability to deliver the aerosol with each puff. Professional device cleaning: Cleaning of the device charger and holder, including the blade and the cap, remove any tobacco residue to improve the airflow and heating process for an optimal and satisfying taste experience. Firmware upgrade: Upgrade to the latest firmware to ensure the best possible performance of your IQOS device. Cap replacement: As a complementary service, if the device cap is worn, the cap will be cleaned or replaced for free. *Optional service for IQOS Partners
Some of the most important IQOS™ device maintenance tips we can recommend: Cleaning regularly the holder chamber and cap to avoid residue accumulation. Charging with original accessories. Using professional cleaning services in-store. And keeping firmware of device up to date. A simple way to access all care tips and tricks is to visit iqos.com where you can check for helpful advice including “how-to” videos.