A perfect IQOS? We create it together with our users!

We improve IQOS together

Have you become an IQOS user, choosing a future without burning, smoke and ash? Congratulations! Our revolutionary product can change your life for the better. But we do not stop here. Philip Morris International is constantly investing in scientific studies and research in order to provide the experience of enjoying real tobacco.

Users know IQOS best
To exceed our consumers’ expectations, we need the help of those who know best how IQOS should look and work.
That is why we will contact you to find out what it means to use IQOS to you. Every experience is unique and we hope that you will share it with us to help us improve IQOS products. Thank you in advance for your time, openness and sincerity.

Hello? IQOS on the phone
The phone interviews are up to 15 minutes and the answers are crucial for research results and further development of adult smokers’ products.
As Philip Morris International develops various products at the same time and conducts more studies and programs simultaneously, you may be called several times to express your opinion.
We may contact you again over a certain period of time with the same questions. We are certain that in the meantime, after a longer period of using IQOS, you’ll have new comments and make new discoveries about the ritual that has replaced the smoking of regular cigarettes.

We improve IQOS together
We highly appreciate the involvement and cooperation of each IQOS user who ultimately participates in the creation of the improved products.
Talk to you soon!