Tobacco sticks for IQOS, now available at the gas stations in Chisinau

HEETS can be bought 24/7.

The tobacco sticks HEETS are now available at Chisinau gas stations as well.

For the convenience of IQOS users, HEETS can be bought at “Vento” and “Bemol” gas stations, which are open 24/7.
Currently, tobacco sticks can be purchased in over 30 gas stations located in all districts of the capital, and their number continues to grow.

In Chisinau, in addition to gas stations, IQOS and HEETS are available in three shopping centers and two Tobacco Shop units. Find the complete list of official sales locations on www.iqos.com.

The HEETS tobacco sticks are designed to be used only with the innovative IQOS device, using the “Heat-not-Burn” technology, which involves heating the tobacco without burning it. This revolutionary technology allows IQOS users to have the classic ritual of enjoying real tobacco, without smoke, ash and with less unpleasant smell, compared to regular cigarettes.