IQOS users can now spend their pre-boarding time in a pleasant environment.

Chișinău International Airport now has an IQOS Lounge Zone.

Your trips will become more pleasant: Chișinău International Airport now has an IQOS Lounge Zone.

Philip Morris International has launched the IQOS Lounge Zone – a modern space located in the Chișinău International Airport’s green zone, which allows IQOS users to spend their pre-boarding time in a relaxing and pleasant environment.

The IQOS Lounge Zone is a comfortable and innovative space, which includes a commerical area, where IQOS products such as devices and accessories can be purchased. For those looking to relax, the space also features a relaxation area where IQOS users can enjoy the real taste of tobacco without burning, smoke and ash.
In addition, visitors can obtain the latest news and event information from the IQOS sales experts, as well as get their devices cleaned and charged.
The new IQOS space located at the Chisinau Airport is not only a meeting point for IQOS users, but also for legal age smokers who would like to join the IQOS community. There they have the opportunity to receive a product presentation and get acquainted with the new HeatnotBurn technlogy, while trying the device.

Until now, IQOS Lounge areas have been opened in several airports around the world, including South Korea, Switzerland, and the Russian Federation.